Client Transformations

Kim Sutherland, Ontario

When I first met Tammy I was somewhat active but I had terrible eating habits. I was skipping meals and cutting calories (which I thought would help me lose weight) but I wasn't seeing any results. 

I felt frustrated and confused when I came across Tammy on facebook. She caught my attention with her healthy habits coaching and I was intrigued by her non restrictive methods and balanced eating plan. I decided I had to make a lifestyle change with my health and eating habits & to get my body stronger so I can live a long, active, and independent life. 


Since working with Tammy I feel like a new women! She has taught me how simple getting healthy and eating well can be. I have learned and introduced a healthy lifestyle change in my life that I am so excited about. I have learned how delicious food can taste and I'm exercising more than I ever have. I have tons of energy, my bones are stronger and I'm more flexible, and I have lost 17 pounds in a non restrictive way. I am so happy I worked with Tammy in the 90-Day Fads to Freedom Fat Loss Program. 

Thank you so much for this amazing experience & helping me change my lifestyle!!  I have learned & applied changes in my everyday existence!!  I am committed to eating healthy and excising as I know how fabulous my body feels.  I feel the empowerment & confidence I have.  I actually look forward to making meals & trying new recipes.  I know I will probably experience off days but I know how great I will feel when I get back on track. You are an inspiration and I am blessed to have you in my life.

When I first found Tammy I was feeling unhealthy, getting close to the highest weight I'd ever been and, I was hiding behind flowy shirts at work. I had tried many diets in the past and found they worked at first but they just weren't sustainable long term. I would drop a few pounds initially but I always gained it back plus more. I new that I needed to make a change but I was still struggling to do what needed to be done.

I  joined the 90 day Fads to Freedom Fat Loss Transformation Program and learned what a healthy lifestyle really looks like. I learned how to eat so I could control my cravings and still enjoy the not-so-healthy foods I loved. I also learned how to maximize my results with strength training and fall in love with taking care of myself.   

Some results I experienced were:

- I'm moving and exercising in ways I enjoy.
- I have embraced eating real, minimally processed foods 80% of the time and I love how flexible and simple this lifestyle is to follow.

- I've learned how to build a meal that keeps me feeling energized and craving free throughout the day and I feel more in control of my food choices. 

- I've released 13 pounds of fat and I know that I can continue on this path for the rest of my life.

The biggest thing for me was having the accountability. It's so hard to stay consistent when you don's see changes right away but Tammy helped me to see that I was making progress and winning every week. 

Lori Carmicheal, Bradford, Ontario.

I work full-time and have two young kids. My life, family and job require me to be "on" all the time but my lack of energy was getting in the way.

I'm also no stranger to trying the latest fads, diets and programs in attempt to lose some weight and feel better - but I couldn't find one that actually "stuck".

I would lose and gain. 

I would start and stop.

BUT, since joining the Fads to Freedom Habit Transformation Challenge…

I am eating more food  than ever before, including breakfast and lunch.

I've found that my lack of time and hunger wasn’t the culprit to her "kitchen trolling" and cravings - the problem was actually the types of food I was eating.

I'm sleeping better and I have lots more energy.

I have finally formed new healthy habits that "stuck'!

I've lost 18 pounds and I'm confident that I can keep it off and continue with this non restrictive lifestyle. 

My moods have also changed. I'm less cranky and more patient with my kids and, I feel more positive and motivated since joining the Fads to Freedom Fat Loss Transformation Program.

Erica Stanley, Barrie, Ontario

Before I started working with Tammy I was feeling frustrated and unsuccessful with tackling my health goals. I wanted to get fit and drop some weight but despite having been an athlete for many years, I couldn't get myself started. I was ready to take action and get some help and I was referred to Tammy by a friend. Right away I felt heard and knew that Tammy was interested in helping me create a personalized plan. I really love the variety of workouts, the accountability and the personalized support. Tammy's approach is structure without being restrictive and she is great at giving feedback and helping to make adjustments. I am thrilled to be much fitter and stronger and well on my way to my optimal weight. Being part of this program has made a huge difference for me. If you are looking to make changes in your health and fitness - talk to Tammy about her program. You'll be glad you did!                                  

Karen Collacutt, Barrie, Ontario

I have never been this invested in just me before! I'm down 13.5 pounds and I have not felt this good in a long time. I'm happier and I'm smiling more. I'm losing weight and inches and even learning how to strength train. With all I've learned I feel confident to keep going and the support and coaching I get from Tammy is truly life changing! So, for anybody who wants to release some weight and improve their health by having a healthy lifestyle, or just wanting to feel better about yourself, I strongly recommend joining Tammy’s Fads to Freedom Fat Loss Transformation Program.

Patricia Belcourt, Elmvale, Ontario

Hey Tammy! I  have to share! 


This past weekend was our family reunion and looking at pictures of me from over the weekend was a pleasant surprise. I was actually pleased with the way I looked and it's all thanks to you and your program!


I am feeling great about my body. What a freeing feeling. So thanks a bunch!!! I still follow the regime and track as it makes me feel accountable for me. My step count and activity have increased substantially.


I'm loving how I feel!! And knowing that my body feels good in a bathing suit! No beat ups on myself. Thanks again.

Sarah Hodgson

When I first met Tammy I had  lots of fears. I was afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and go places alone because I was worried about what other people would think of me. I had low self esteem and little confidence. I use to think being healthy and losing weight was all about food.


Tammy taught me how to change my relationship with food, to change the conversation in my head and how important it is to make my self care a priority. I learned simple eating and exercise habits and how to make changes with food in baby steps. She also taught me to focus on overall health and how I am feeling rather than the number on the scale.  

Now, I just don’t care what anyone says or thinks about me! I feel confident and worthy. I’m learning to love myself and to take care of myself first before anything or anyone else. This has made me a better mom, partner and career women. I have so much more confidence in myself, better eating habits and Tammys teaching's are in my head when I feel a binge coming on. I've learned to cope with stress in healthy ways and the weight is still coming off. 

Angela Boyer