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Your Fat Loss Results Will Come From These 3 Things

Updated: Mar 27

I talk with women every day who think the fastest way to results is:

  • Cutting calories

  • Giving up the foods they love

  • Avoiding carbs

  • Exercising like a mad women

This is simply not true!!!

Your results will come from these 3 things.

1. Your ability to identify and tackle your own resistance.

Are you procrastinating?

Making excuses? or,

Do you simply know what you need to do but you're not doing it?

This is called resistance. You must tackle it.

You struggle to do what you need to do because you simply don't have a plan and you have no accountability. This is dangerous because without a plan and accountability you will struggle all year long and possibly find your health and body weight worse off then you are now.

You must tackle your resistance.

If what you're currently doing isn't working - you must be brave enough to try something new.

Decide what you want, commit to doing it, invest in yourself and get what you need. This is the fastest way to results.

2. Improving your skills/habits.

Fat loss comes down to forging new habits with your mindset, nutrition and fitness. Your current skills have got you where you are right now and in order to lose the weight for good and change your body you need to improve these skills. You must get better at:

Having clear goals and the right mindset for success.

Eating in a way to move you closer to your goals 80% of the time.

Training effectively to get stronger, build muscle and change your body.

3. The new success skills/habits you learn and the DISCIPLINE with doing them.

Adhering to the new skills/habits (mindset/nutrition/fitness) you learn and the consistency to which you do them will pave the road to your results.

Remember...we're not looking for perfection here. We are looking for 80% adherence. That is enough to lose the weight for good and change your body.

It can and should be an enjoyable experience.

That's it friend.

So, which of these 3 things do you need to work on?

Comment below or connect with me on facebook and let me know. I love hearing from you and I'm happy to help you with your goals and a plan to crush them!

It's what I do all day long.

Tammy xx

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