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How I Stay on Track when I Miss My Workouts...

Updated: Mar 27

How I stay on track when I miss my workouts....

Sometimes life gets in the way and things don't workout exactly how we want them too. It's all part of our journey and the key is learning how to roll with it the best you can.

It's a priority for me to exercise. My goal is 5 x a week but I'm typically happy with 3 sessions. I do them all at home to minimize excuses but sometimes "sh@t happens" and I don't get them all in.

I use to let it get me down, feel like I'd fallen off track and beat myself up mentally because I missed a workout, but I've learned how to make peace with it and find balance in my healthy living journey.

This week Monday was a snow day so I included my daughter in my workout. It was very fun but not as effective as usual.

Tuesday I taught a nourish bowl workshop in the city and had to leave early. If I don't do it first thing, it doesn't happen.

Wednesday I took my mom grocery shopping and played catch up on work. My mom needs extra care right now so I put family first.

Today was all about my mom too. I just got home from a morning with her and my brother and now I'm diving into work before school pick up.

Friday is a PA day. I will get a workout in but again it will include my daughter so it will be more fun then effective. I'm not complaining because all activity counts and I'm teaching her healthy habits. That's what is most important to me.

We then have plans this weekend which will result in no training sessions until Monday.

That's 2 workouts this week.

In the past, a week like this would have defeated me mentally but today I am much smarter than that. I know if I pay attention and give priority to my other core healthy living habits that these missed workouts will not affect me in any way.

I wont gain weight I don't have to make them up I have not failed And, I am still living my best healthiest life

The four core healthy habits I practice and teach are Nutrition, Sleep, Stress management, and Exercise.

I like to think of them as the "4 legs" to your healthy body chair.

Take one away, you can still sit on the chair. Take 2 away and you’ve got problems. Focus too much on one and you can tip the chair over.

The goal is to try to get all 4 areas to be important.

And, when you go through challenging times where one cannot be addressed, give attention to the other 3 so you can maintain your health.

So that's what I'm doing this week. My regular exercise routine cannot be addressed right now so, I'm giving extra attention to my nutrition, sleep and stress management.

To my amazing readers...

Please be sure you’re not placing so much emphasis on exercise and neglecting your nutrition, sleep or feeling stressed. If life throws you a curve ball or you get injured and need to take an unplanned day or week off from your usual workout routine, use the time for something else that’s important and don’t sweat it because life does happen.

I know what a bummer it is to be thrown out of your routine for so long - and the nagging fear that all the hard work you’ve been doing up to that point is going to melt away.... but I promise it’s NOT if you focus your attention on the other 3 legs of your healthy body chair.

xo - Tammy

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