• Tammy Groot

5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train That Are Way Better Than Just Building A Great Looking Body.

Updated: Mar 27

1) Greater self confidence - Strength training doesn't just build your body, it builds your mind.

2) Bust through self imposed limitations - Strength training allows you to leave behind negative, self-imposed limitations and discover your true potential.

3) Make yourself a priority - Similar to how you apply your own oxygen mask on an airplane before you put on someone else’s, you are only able to truly extend yourself to the people you love when your needs are taken care of first.

4) Be the strongest most awesome version of yourself - Strength training is an incredible tool that allows you to become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself possible. It builds you up, increases your self-confidence, improves your overall health, strengthens you on the inside and out, and provides you with positive motivation to keep going.

5) Banish stress - Strength training releases endorphins. These amazing feel good hormones reduce stress.

On top of that...

You'll feel amazing, be healthier, look younger, live longer, build a great looking body... and see the world as rainbows and unicorns.

Tammy, xo

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