Attention: Health Minded Moms Over 40 Who Want to Lose 20+ lbs in 90 Days Without 

Restricting, Counting Calories or Spending Long, Torturous Hours in the Gym

5 Day Fat Loss Reboot Challenge

The 5 Day Fat Loss Reboot is designed to give you a few quick wins with your

fat loss so that you feel confident and motivated to continue your journey.

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You'll Learn: 

  • How to eat the right foods in the right portions in the right combinations

  • Healthy, delicious, and easy-to-prepare recipes that you (and your family) will love

  • How to exercise in a way that supports long-term fat loss in an average of 2 hours per week

  • How to assess where you are now and continuously take inventory so you’re always improving and on track

  • That group support, motivation, and accountability are what will help you be successful and stick to the plan

  • That coaching and guidance from an expert may have been your missing link to success

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What We'll Be Covering Live....

Day 1: Setting clear goals & creating your 90 day fat loss strategy

Day 2: What and how much to eat

Day 3: How to exercise effectively in an average of 2 hours per week 

Day 4: Tracking progress and measuring success

Day 5: What to focus on for best results


Tammy has taught me how simple getting healthy and eating well can be. I have learned and introduced a healthy lifestyle change in my life that I am so excited about - Kim Sutherland

With all I've learned I feel confident to keep going and the support and coaching I get from Tammy is truly life changing! - Patricia Belcourt

Tammy is great! Her positivity, ongoing support and enthusiasm will be all the motivation you need to stay on track - Megan Saunders