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Hi! I'm Tammy...

I'm a Fat Loss Coach who helps Moms over 40 lose weight without being miserable 

by fitting exercise into your life, 

not restricting your diet or eliminating foods you love,  addressing your mindset and limiting beliefs, 

so that you not only enjoy the process, 

but know exactly how to maintain your healthy weight by the time you get there.

No more fads or yo-yo dieting. No more BS!

Just smart, sustainable, enjoyable improvements to your lifestyle to help you live your healthiest, happiest, most confident life.

I've helped hundreds of Women feel PEACE, SANITY and FREEDOM around food and fitness and get off the diet roller coaster for good with my

9o Day Fads to Freedom Fat Loss Transformation System

Release the Weight that's Holding You Back from Living Your BEST Life and Reclaim Your Energy, Health, and Body Without Dumb Diets, Starving Yourself, or Spending Torturous Hours in the Gym - So You Can Feel Healthy, Happy and Confident In Your Skin, Be a Positive Role Model to Your Kids and Live a Long, Independent, Active Life!

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What People Are Saying...

These past 12 weeks have been incredible for me and my eating psyche. I appreciate all your help and support. You have definitely found your calling in life. You are making a diefference and are great at this!

Thinking of you on my way to an appointment. Thank you for being so great and challenging me to improve my life in so many ways.


Karen Collacutt

Before I started working with Tammy I was feeling frustrated and unsuccessful with tackling my health goals. I wanted to get fit and drop some weight but despite having been an athlete for many years, I couldn't get myself started. I was ready to take action and get some help and I was referred to Tammy by a friend. Right away I felt heard and knew that Tammy was interested in helping me create a personalized plan. I really love the variety of workouts, the accountability and the personalized support. Tammy's approach is structure without being restrictive and she is great at giving feedback and helping to make adjustments. I am thrilled to be much fitter and stronger and well on my way to my optimal weight. Being part of this program has made a huge difference for me. If you are looking to make changes in your health and fitness - talk to Tammy about her program. You'll be glad you did!

I have never been this invested in just me before! I'm down 13.5 pounds and I have not felt this good in a long time. I'm happier and I'm smiling more. I'm losing weight and inches and even learning how to strength train. With all I've learned I feel confident to keep going and the support and coaching I get from Tammy is truly life changing!

Patti Belcourt

Thank you so much for this amazing experience & helping me change my lifestyle!! I have learned and applied changes in my every day existence!! I am committed to eating healthy and exercising because I know how fabulous my body feels. I love the empowerment and confidence I now have and I look forward to making meals and trying new recipes. You are an inspiration and I am blessed to have you in my life.

Kim Sutherland